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Mr Samalionis

I used to work with Stan Samalionis and this was one of his natural poses that prompted me to ask him into the studio. He loves this shot. It was taken on medium format and printed on fibre paper in the darkroom. The hand was burnt in a little since it was closer to the light source than the face and caught the light a little more.

Preparing for the First Dance

This is an actual wedding shot that was set up (I have her permission to use this). The bride is changing into her dancing shoes ready for the first dance.

Nigerian Woman

Actually, this is Eileen and she is from Jamaica but she went to Nigeria and bought this outfit and wanted to wear it in the studio. It may look like an outdoor shot but the background was black and I replaced it with a small slice of the left-hand side of the image and applied a generous amount of blur to it.

Jean’s Nails

My wife found Jean working in a Cambridge store while looking for bathroom cabinets. Jean is quite a character and very much young at heart. She had these amazingly long nails and I really wondered how she managed to use the computer and credit card machine where she worked. I wanted a soft romantic look for Jean but had to include those hard-edged nails!

Circus Strongman

This character was part of a travelling circus that visited Calais for the centenary celebration of Blériot crossing the channel in 1909. He adopted various poses for me and I chose a circus caravan as a backdrop.


This was taken at a mediaeval recreation event at Ely in 2005. Edwin was the father of one of the combatants and sat in one of the tents in the encampment. I chatted to Edwin for a while taking a few photographs as I went. This one worked particularly well.

Charles Rush

Charles Rush was an artist with a great sense of humour. He kindly modelled for me a number of years ago. This image was actually shot on 35mm film (FP4) and was one of my early successful images. Sadly, Charles is no longer with us.

Vogue Front Cover

This isn’t a real Vogue cover. The model was a Turkish girl called Burcu and she lacked a little confidence. I said that she looked good enough to be on a magazine cover but she didn’t believe. I created this and gave it to her – she was impressed.
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Passing Under the Tunnel

North Norfolk Railway. At Weybourne station where two locomotives pass under the bridge and they slow to hand over the key for single line operation.

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