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The Dairy Maid’s Hat

This was taken onb one of the Elizabethan re-enactment weekends at Kentwell Hall, Suffolk. In the dairy parlour, people were making butter and cheese. I took some photographs of course but the straw hat hanging on the peg along with some paddles used to stir the curd caught my eye. A little post-processing was employed to bring out more texture and to make the image more sketch-like.

The Aviator

This is a composite (character placed in different background). The subject was actually a steampunk character taken at the Weekend at the Asylum in Lincoln 2014. It was taken in the castle grounds but the background was somewhat cluttered. As he looked like an old time aviator, I dropped in a shot of a Bleriot aircraft taken at a recreation of the English Channel crossing a couple of years earlier. I toned down the background a little to maximise attention on the foreground character.

Street Performer

Taken at the Wymondham Dickensian Steampunk Fayre in November 2013.  This is the lead singer of Thy Last Drop who performed in the Market Square. The background was toned down with a little desaturation to minimise the distraction caused by the lady in the backround who was wearing a red raincoat.

One Last Puff

Taken at the Wymondham Dickensian Steampunk Fayre in November 2013. I saw this gentleman, who was actually one of the stall holders, and asked if I could take his picture as he smoked his cigarette. He willingly obliged. I converted in to B&W and added some treatment to emphasise the facial features.

City Worker

I’m not sure whether this is really ‘street’ or ‘event’ photography. The character was from a re-enactment weekend but I thought he looked a bit like a banker so I dropped in a London background (Moorgate actually).

Old Tom

I don’t know the chaps name. He often turns up at 1940s re-enactments as a Greengrass-type character (from the TV series Heartbeat). I asked him for a photo and found an angle where the lighting brought out the texture in his face and where the backdrop wasn’t too intrusive. A little Photoshop work brought out more detail in his face.

Not Knowing where to Start

This was a bit of fun. The figure came from a North Norfolk Railway 1940s event and the kitchen scene behind came from a Bletchley Park display. I like the expression on the face and the title came quite naturally…

With Best Wishes from Fiona

Fiona was the singer at a Rushden Transport Museum 1940s Weekend. I asked to take a few shots and suggested a few poses. I created a sepia image and added some handwriting-like text to the bottom to create a kind of ‘forces sweetheart’ image that the troops might have carried around in their pockets.

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