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The Lady in the Bombe Room

Bletchley Park, 2009. This lady was dressed in elegant 1940s dress (actually, she was one of the guides) but she willingly posed for me in the Bombe Room (the Bombe machine is behind her).

Tickled Pink

It was the pink hair and clown-like face paint that caught my eye. Then there was the surprised stare as he posed for the camera.

Loco Motion

This isn’t really a derivative shot at all. It was taken at the 1940s weekend on the Poppy Line (North Norfolk Railway) in 2010 and is an image of the locomotive wheels shot with a slow shutter (and panned) as the train came into the station. I quite like the somewhat surreal effect but it doesn’t please everybody.

Pleased to See You

This was at the Rushden 1940s event and this lady was dressed splendidly. She boarded the train for refreshments (the train doesn’t go too far on that line) and when she wandered along the corridor to get off, she passed by this open window at one of the doors and I asked for a photo (I was on the platform). She kindly obliged and offered several poses. This one worked particularly well.


Another 1940s day on the North Norfolk Railway (Poppy Line). This lady seemed to be a regular at such events and styles herself as a kind of Marilyn Monroe look-alike (the era is actually wrong for MM but we can forgive this). This was taken outside the ticket office but the lighting was very poor and created shadows on her face. A fair bit of work was needed in Photoshop to correct the lighting defects.

The Veteran

This was a 1940s recreation event at Rushden in the Transport Museum. Since it was close to Remembrance Day, they were holding a service on the Sunday and a number of verterans turned out. This gentleman kindly posed for me by the steps that lead down from the railway platform to the street. He wore his badges, cap and medal with pride, and rightly so.

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