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Circus Strongman

This character was part of a travelling circus that visited Calais for the centenary celebration of Blériot crossing the channel in 1909. He adopted various poses for me and I chose a circus caravan as a backdrop.


This was taken at a mediaeval recreation event at Ely in 2005. Edwin was the father of one of the combatants and sat in one of the tents in the encampment. I chatted to Edwin for a while taking a few photographs as I went. This one worked particularly well.

Underpass Girl

Louise treats her face and hair like a blank canvas and creates new looks on a regular basis. I wanted to combine the bright vibrant colours of her face against the glum blandness of a brick underpass. Facing out of the picture also adds a degree of contention.

The Lady in the Bombe Room

Bletchley Park, 2009. This lady was dressed in elegant 1940s dress (actually, she was one of the guides) but she willingly posed for me in the Bombe Room (the Bombe machine is behind her).

John Connett

John is one of the volunteers who helps to restore and maintain the exhibits at the Cambridge Museum of Technology.

Society Girl (Laëtitia)

With Laëtitia, I wanted a 1920s look. She had the clothes and we found the props. A little work was needed in Photoshop to give the muted colours of a hand-tinted print.


Her real name was Dolly but Dolly didn’t seem right for somebody with a complexion like this and dressed in a sari. It somehow made me think of a cloned sheep! I renamed her ‘Ramani’ which is Indian for beautiful girl.

Rajasthani Elder

After descending from the Amber Fort at Jaipur, we found a few people in the street to photograph. This gentleman was happy to have his photograph taken. Problem with such shots are the dark skin, the face in shadow and the sunlight on the white costume – it’s easy to lose detail. Careful manipulation of the RAW image and adjustment in Photoshop permitted acceptable detail to be retained in both the highlight and shadow areas. In the printed version, it’s possible to make out the fabric pattern in the turban.

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