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Day-dreaming at the Mosque

This was taken at the Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi. I wandered around the courtyard and out through the gates and steps on the far side leading down into Old Delhi. As I wandered back, I saw this girl in the shade of the cloisters peering over the old city. She seemed miles away. I was attracted both by her pose and the wonderful colour combinations of her dress against the red sandstone of the surrounding architecture.

Recently-married Girl, Rajasthan

As my wife and I travelled to Jaipur we passed a couple on a small motorbike. Our driver pointed them out and asked if we wanted to take a photo. Naturally, we said ‘yes’ but wondered how this might be possible. Before we knew it, our driver had flagged them down and told them that we wanted to take their photograph! Continue Reading →

The Indian Bride

After seeing a wedding procession in the street in Jaipur, I took several photographs only to be invited to the wedding by the father of the groom. I got close enough to the bride to take this shot though, at an Indian wedding, the guests seem to be more interested in eating and talking than taking too much notice of the couple.

Behind Bars

This was the front door of a house in a back street behind the hotel in Havana. I was photographing the street scene and saw this lady approaching the security grille (as it’s hot in Havana, doors are normally left open for ventillation but intruders are kept out by these grilles). I turned my camera towards the grille just as she turned to look at me. I don’t think she was too happy to have her image taken! I was very lucky to have got both her eyes in the shot.

The Veteran

This was a 1940s recreation event at Rushden in the Transport Museum. Since it was close to Remembrance Day, they were holding a service on the Sunday and a number of verterans turned out. This gentleman kindly posed for me by the steps that lead down from the railway platform to the street. He wore his badges, cap and medal with pride, and rightly so.

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