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Recently-married Girl, Rajasthan

As my wife and I travelled to Jaipur we passed a couple on a small motorbike. Our driver pointed them out and asked if we wanted to take a photo. Naturally, we said ‘yes’ but wondered how this might be possible. Before we knew it, our driver had flagged them down and told them that we wanted to take their photograph! Continue Reading →

The Indian Bride

After seeing a wedding procession in the street in Jaipur, I took several photographs only to be invited to the wedding by the father of the groom. I got close enough to the bride to take this shot though, at an Indian wedding, the guests seem to be more interested in eating and talking than taking too much notice of the couple.

Bus Window, Jaipur

I liked the child looking through the open window and also the adults looking from behind the child or in the seat in front. Shot in colour but I feel that it works better in monochrome.

The Boys from Jaipur

The lads in the street were only too willing to pose for photographs. White tourists seem to have a kind of celebrity status maybe because they would be expecting a sweet or a pencil after being photographed. The colour version was too distracting – the boys were wearing red and yellow that caught the eye – removing the colour (and adding a hint of warmth) focussed the attention on the group of boys rather than what they were wearing.

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