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Looking for the Summer

This was taken on an Olympus workshop called “Fashion Portraits in the Studio” and run by Rob Pugh and Gavin Hoey in February 2016. This shot was taken in the morning session and showed what may be achieved with simple lighting. This was a single flash head fired through some sackcloth that was held up by two volunteers. The model was Amber Tutton.

The Himalayas in the Summer

As with the Alps and most other mountain ranges, the snow will melt on the lower slopes in the warmth of the summer sun exposing the rocks beneath it. The Himalayas present the greatest peaks on planet Earth and are the result of the collision of the Indian tectonic plate with the Eurasian Plate. The summer months expose wonderful strata and colour in the rocks though the tallest peaks will still have snow on them. This photograph was taken in the Ladakh region of northern India.

Patrick’s Telescope

Patrick Moore had many telescopes in his garden, some with special housings to protect them from the elements. I wanted a shot with him standing next to one of his reflector telescopes. In typical Patrick style, he wanted his pipe and wore his monocle. I chatted to him for a couple of hours and though he was very courteous and answered all my questions, I sensed that only a fraction of his mind was engaging with me – the rest was pondering some astronomical problem. A great man now sadly missed.

In Patrick’s Study

I was fortunate to meet Patrick Moore and chat to him about photography and astronomy. I pushed my luck by asking if I might photograph him. To my surprise, he agreed and invited me down to him home and observatory at Selsey Bill. I spent a couple of hours with him photographing him in his study, in his garden, with his telescopes and even playing the xylophone! I feel that this shot sums up Patrick well. The only concession he had to modern technology in his study was a fax machine!

One Last Puff

Taken at the Wymondham Dickensian Steampunk Fayre in November 2013. I saw this gentleman, who was actually one of the stall holders, and asked if I could take his picture as he smoked his cigarette. He willingly obliged. I converted in to B&W and added some treatment to emphasise the facial features.

Market Trader, Hoi An

At a small village on the outskirts of Hoi An, we came across this market full of colour and activity. The traders were happy to be photographed and I selected this lady wearing a traditional conical hat. Taken a f1.8 with a 20mm prime lens (equivalent to 40mm on a 35mm film camera).

City Worker

I’m not sure whether this is really ‘street’ or ‘event’ photography. The character was from a re-enactment weekend but I thought he looked a bit like a banker so I dropped in a London background (Moorgate actually).

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