Patrick’s Telescope

Patrick Moore had many telescopes in his garden, some with special housings to protect them from the elements. I wanted a shot with him standing next to one of his reflector telescopes. In typical Patrick style, he wanted his pipe and wore his monocle. I chatted to him for a couple of hours and though he was very courteous and answered all my questions, I sensed that only a fraction of his mind was engaging with me – the rest was pondering some astronomical problem. A great man now sadly missed.

In Patrick’s Study

I was fortunate to meet Patrick Moore and chat to him about photography and astronomy. I pushed my luck by asking if I might photograph him. To my surprise, he agreed and invited me down to him home and observatory at Selsey Bill. I spent a couple of hours with him photographing him in his study, in his garden, with his telescopes and even playing the xylophone! I feel that this shot sums up Patrick well. The only concession he had to modern technology in his study was a fax machine!

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